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Write2Market is proud to now include Georgia Tech Pediatric Technologies among our healthcare practice roster of clients.


The organization “envisions a world where our collective commitment, expertise and collaboration brings novel technologies to the bedside of pediatric patients, directly improving their health outcomes on a global scale.


“Our mission is to accelerate development, regulatory approval, and clinical utility of new medical technologies for pediatric patients. We connect researchers including engineers, data analysts, scientists, chemists and others with front line pediatric clinicians to create new technologies for unmet pediatric healthcare needs. We further connect those parties to the funding, institutional, development, regulatory and industrial resources needed to make them clinically and commercially viable.”


Having completed a fully refreshed and newly built web presence, we are bringing our medtech ecosystem and content marketing expertise to bear on their goals, particularly: increasing overall traffic and meaningful conversions to founded in a steady flow of fresh, relevant content that engages. We will also modernize and invigorate the organization’s email and social channels, always keeping an eye on metrics and analytics to ensure we do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.


With updated core messaging “across the board” complete, the content flow has commenced with analytics traffic tracking for a solid baseline with a new monthly “all contact” e-newsletter commencing this month.


“We strive to solve real-world problems by encouraging the kinds of multidisciplinary collaboration that makes advances possible, and by adding the power of a cutting-edge scientific and technical research institution to world-class clinical care providers,” said  Sheri Russell, assistant director, research operations. “Having seen the results Write2Market has generated for GCMI, we knew they were the right marketing partner to deliver on our web presence, awareness and ecosystem impact goals.”


Paul Snyder, VP, Healthcare

“We thank Sheri, Georgia Tech Chief Engineer of Pediatric Technologies Leanne West and the entire GTPT team for entrusting this important work to us,” said Write2Market Healthcare Practice Lead and Vice President Paul Snyder.


Onward and upward!