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Public relations puts software leader in national media spotlight

By May 24, 2011March 10th, 2013No Comments

In just eight weeks, InnLink went from zero publicity to having bylined article opportunities, over six journalist interviews, being featured on a traffic-heavy radio station and being awarded a technology spotlight in a top trade publication.

Media relations results

After just eight weeks, InnLink

  • is featured in top trade publications, including AAHOA Magazine with 18,000 monthly subscribers.
  • is featured on with 99,000 unique monthly visitors.
  • is featured on a traffic-heavy radio station with 50,000 unique listeners, 20 percent target audience.
  • has secured over six journalist interviews.
  • has secured bylined article opportunities.
  • is recognized as the technology spotlight in AAHOA Magazine.
  • is boasting 250 percent ROI to date.

InnLink as an industry leader

As an industry leading reservations service and representation company, InnLink LLC provides an increasing array of reservation products and services for hotels and hotel companies. InnLink now boasts a dramatic rise in visibility thanks to the efforts of Atlanta-based public relations firm Write2Market.

Effective PR strategies

  1. Measurably raise awareness for InnLink services and facilitate access for the industry’s decision-makers.
  2. Recognize and reach the target audience.
  3. Create industry leadership.

The Write2Market media and public relations solution

Problem: How do we create awareness?
The Triple-A Industry Leadership Methodology: Create Access to trade publications looking to showcase specific trends in the industry.  Facilitate communication and create opportunities.

Problem: How do we reach our target audience?
The Triple-A Industry Leadership Methodology: Raise awareness through speaking opportunities at conferences, bylined articles in trade journals, bring in industry honors and awards and create access for the industry’s decision-makers.

Do you want to be recognized as an industry leader?

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Media Relations Case Study