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To those who still think psychology is all about our inner children: think again. While there is definitely an inner child in all of us, there is also an inner consumer. In fact, use of psychological principles has become paramount to engaging and executing effective marketing platforms that generate real returns. Sean Cook, CEO of e-commerce software powerhouse ShopVisible, knows all about how his clients’ customers think. That’s how ShopVisible is able to deliver such targeted, powerful, and useful software solutions to e-commerce and retail vendors of all types.

Recently, Sean shared some of his insights into the minds of online consumers in an article titled “At The Crossroads Of Nature And Nurture, You’ll Find The Thriving Online Marketer,” written for His highlights include three effects of widespread mobile web access on consumer behavior: streamlined, flexible purchasing; demand for product reviews; and, demand for the best deals.

Read Sean’s article here.
Sean Cook "Crossroads" Article snap