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Public Relations Relationship Building 101

By April 28, 2013July 16th, 2013No Comments

By: Melissa Grisham

As PR professionals, we often see ourselves as door knockers. We knock on this door, and that one…(almost) always with a response that isn’t 100% what we want, that is, if we are answered at all.

Public Relations is a relationship building business, and often, without good, strong, and most importantly, authentic relationships, our job is difficult for us to do well. We can’t mass email. We don’t take shortcuts. We spend days, several days, usually, crafting a pitch and matching it to the precise journalist that might find interest. When they write back, and that door opens…that is when the relationship begins.

Over the years I have come to know (and really enjoy) many journalists. Our relationships have blossomed and suddenly if feels more like a soft, friendly knock to an old friend.

I recently had a journalist email me about leaving her current position and moving onto another (fabulous) job. She took the time to send over and email and let me know. Let me tell you, as a PR professional, if you are GETTING emails from journalists, you’re doing well. But when they let you know about their life, and what their situation may be at times, you’ve nailed it. Now, she will be working for a very prominent agency, and will undoubtedly be a contact of mine for years to come.

Be authentic. Take people for their word, and hold them to it. All journalists are NOT out to “get us,” it just takes a little extra work.

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