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Nonprofits can apply for free public relations (PR) support in metro Atlanta

Write2Market’s free Atlanta Public Relations program makes two kinds of awards:

$10,000 Grant of Atlanta Public Relations (PR) Service

The Grant of Service is made to a limited number of  Atlanta-based nonprofits who are so aligned with our mission and so qualified for our support, that we choose them to give pro bono PR Services to, up to $10,000. Previous Grant of Service recipients, for example, would include TEDxPeachtree and VentureAtlanta.

Atlanta Public Relations Scholarships for NonProfits
(May be combined with Grant of Service)

Atlanta Public Relations Scholarships from Write2Market provide qualifying nonprofits with tickets to the Free Atlanta Public Relations education program. This program evolves over time. Here’s an outline of the current year’s program:

I. Telling Your Story: Your Atlanta Public Relations Program & Your Goals

A 90 minute group session with W2M on creating a vision and goal for your publicity program.

  • Includes creating a custom digital marketing dashboard for your nonprofit.
  • Once a year, meets 8 am on a Friday.
II. Atlanta Press Release Writing Clinic for Nonprofits

A “fast and furious” press release writing session where we invite local writers who want to work with nonprofits and the private group of nonprofit Atlanta Public Relations Scholars to bang out as many press releases as possible! Saturday morning, 10-12, held at least twice a year.

III. Industry Leaders Cocktail Reception & Networking

We provide 1 free ticket to our Scholars to the Spring Industry Leaders Cocktail Reception, where you will meet journalists, publicists and the greater Atlanta p publicity and marketing support community.

IV. Industry Leadership Summit Full Day Learning Event

We provide 1 free ticket to Write2Market’s signature learning event, the Industry Leadership Summit, to our Free Atlanta Public Relations Scholars.

V. Atlanta Public Relations LinkedIn Support
We cannot accept all applicants–unfortunately. But we can always do our best to help. All nonprofits that apply to our free Atlanta Public Relations Programs are invited to join our Atlanta Public Relations NonProfit LinkedIn Private Group, where they can get ad hoc peer support.

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