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The Summer Brings New Recognition, New Marketing Tactics & New Hires for W2M Clients

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We have been hard at work with our clients this summer, from expanding their brand awareness to expanding their team. Our clients have received recognition from the media, upgraded their marketing strategies, and added new faces to their companies this summer. Here’s an overview on what’s happened so far.

Media Recognition

Our clients are industry leaders and have been featured in media outlets ranging from trade publications to local television stations.

Dune Medical recently published a surgeon spotlight on Dr. Jennifer Simmons, a breast surgeon in Pennsylvania, that was picked up by FOX 29. Joyce Evans, a FOX 29 reporter, conducted an interview with Dr. Simmons on her experience as a breast cancer surgeon and her experience with Dune Medical’s MarginProbe device. The interview discussed the benefits that MarginProbe can provide for the surgeon and the patient and the positive effect that the device has had on Dr. Simmons’ re-excision rates. You can view the FOX 29 interview with Dr. Simmons here.

SmartCommerce and their CEO, Jennnifer Silverberg, are taking the retail world by storm with their expertise in the online customer buying experience. Jennifer was recently named one of the top women changing the retail world by Retail Leader, being recognized alongside women leaders from companies like Walmart, Kohls, Starbucks, and more! Jennifer is also looking forward to speaking at the Path to Purchase Expo this fall for the second year in a row.

Kim Withrow, General Counsel for Bibby Financial Services (BFS), was profiled in the June issue of The Secured Lender for her commercial lending expertise. The feature highlighted her previous experience in the commercial lending industry, her responsibilities in her current position at BFS, and the advice that she would offer to any women joining the finance industry that is largely dominated by men. We’ll be writing a win blog and spreading the word!

New Channels & New Branding

This past month we posted a blog on how to use a podcast as a new marketing tool for your business, and the inspiration for that post came from our client, John Maxwell Company. We have been working with them since April to produce their first podcast, and our next recording session is scheduled for this month. We have eight episodes live so far and you can check them out here!

ASP Global is also undergoing a marketing change, including a complete rebranding of their company. W2M has been helping them update their website and they recently launched, the official rebranding of Tiger Medical. Stay tuned for news and updates on more rebranding from ASP.

Fresh Faces

Acensium has expanded their leadership team by welcoming Cale Collier as the new VP of Scan & Model Services. With Acensium’s business growth increasing their demand, Cale’s main responsibilities will be running the division and expanding the scan and model team to capture the majority market share of industrial scan and model services. We’re excited to collaborate with Cale on future projects for Acensium this summer!

And last but not least, we’ve added a new face to our team as well! This past May, we welcomed Victoria Jackson as our new Junior Account Executive. She just graduated from Auburn University with a major in Communication and a minor in Marketing. She was raised in sunny South Florida, but grew up an Atlanta Falcons fan and is excited to finally be close enough to attend some football games this fall. She previously interned for Coca-Cola Studios while still in college and some of her hobbies include reading, listening to podcasts, and video editing. Welcome to the team, Victoria. We’re so excited to have you!

Don’t let your PR and marketing take a summer holiday. Contact us to see how we can help!

Thought Leadership through Digital Content: A Success Story

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SmartCommerce is a CPG eCommerce solution that works with leading CPG manufacturers like Procter & Gamble, Nestle and Unilever to drive online sales by drastically shortening the online path to purchase. After launching in the US in 2015, SmartCommerce enlisted the Thought Leadership experts at Write2Market for digital content creation, PR services and strategy beginning in March 2016. From web design to byline pitching, Write2Market is a leading PR and digital content marketing firm, with specialties in startups and technology companies.

Getting The Ball Rolling

Starting from scratch can be intimidating. When SmartCommerce came to Write2Market, no social or PR content had yet been created, there were no Twitter followers, and website content needed to be created, as well. Write2Market went to work right away, strategizing with SmartCommerce to deliver key digital content, build a social media audience and execute a launch press release. Writing blogs and bylines, designing infographics, conducting surveys and creating video, Write2Market assembled and continues to maintain an engaged audience through compelling content.

Content enables you to engage and entertain your audiences, increasing the chance that they spread the reach of the content by sharing or coming back for more by following or subscribing to your content. In just two years, Write2Market built an engaged social audience including >500 Twitter followers, putting SmartCommerce in the top 5% of all Twitter accounts. Write2Market has initiated LinkedIn efforts for SmartCommerce, including weekly posting and encouraging company sharing.

Earned Media Works

In the first three months, Write2Market landed eight contributed bylines for SmartCommerce including Retail TouchPoints, Marketing Profs and Inc. Bylines are a great way to earn exposure through Thought Leadership. The crucial aspect of earned content is that you have to put in the work to develop content concepts that are compelling. If it’s not topical, an editor isn’t going to publish it. Internal content, including weekly blogs and social media posts, must be held to the same standard. By focusing on Thought Leadership, Write2Market has delivered 48 earned bylines and interviews over the first 24 months of engagement.

Compelling Content

Write2Market helped SmartCommerce define their position and products through infographics, video and blog content. Blog content does double duty, providing Search Engine Optimization benefits to the website and driving organic search traffic in addition to acting as compelling content that can be shared through social media or an Account Based Marketing nurture email campaign. Making content compelling applies outside the digital realm, as well. Pitching Thought Leadership to conferences, Write2Market ensured SmartCommerce CEO Jennifer Silverberg was invited to speak at the Path to Purchase Expo with other tech leaders and major CPG brands. Continuing with the Digital Convergence Forum in June 2017 and this year’s Path to Purchase Expo, Write2Market continues to facilitate the Thought Leadership of SmartCommerce by supporting all marketing efforts.


SmartCommerce has received awards and recognition including Tag Top 40, CGT Editor’s Choice and most recently CEO Jennifer Silverberg was named one of Retail Leader’s top women changing the retail world alongside CEOs from Walmart, Kohl’s, Accenture and more. SmartCommerce is now viewed as an established technology innovator in the CPG eCommerce space that is growing faster than ever before.

A focus on Thought Leadership across the board has driven marketing success for SmartCommerce. Earned media, social media, blog content, explainer videos, interviews, infographics and conference speaking. At each point that SmartCommerce interacts with the world, there is a focus on being thought-provoking and informative. Thought Leadership is not just a buzzword or a loose concept, but a guiding principle for the management of digital content for Write2Market clients.

Can we help your company reach a national audience?

Write2Market drives quality leads by creating engaging thought-leadership content that sparks interest and creates awareness. Contact us today and see how your brand can benefit from a focused content strategy.

Public Relations: 6 steps to endless stories

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Has this ever happened to you? You have an amazing story on your hands. You call your favorite editors at the top news outlets and they pick it up. It’s all-out publicity party at your place!

Champagne and celebration flow with the feature in Fortune,, since the byline in Wired, the write up in Tech Crunch, the promise of an HBR op-ed, the piece in your local weekly, the short on CNN . . . 

Until like an uninvited overnight couch crasher, next week arrives. And you know comes with it—right? Crickets. No new story, no new story running in top places, no party. Nada.

Where’s your next story?

Now your public relations peeps feel more like backwoods campers in July. In short, sweating it. There’s a buzzing, and it’s not the phone on vibrate. It’s the sound of your team bemoaning where your next story is coming from. The same people who spilled the champagne last week have morphed into binging bloodsuckers. You suffer one brutal bite after another, all of them itching with one burning question: where’s the next story coming from?

Beating the boom/bust public relations cycle

It doesn’t have to be like that. The answer to the boom/bust story cycle is simple. All it takes is a little discipline, and you’ll be able to have a steady four or five star publicity experiences. So what’s the secret? Mining a message strategy cycle.

Message strategy for public relations

Our six-step message strategy process is what we use to keep stories coming. It starts a little sooner than a story idea or campaign, and goes  further past the story running, into testing the story, and then refining and potentially recycling it further.

Let’s take a deeper look at the first few steps in WriteMarket’s Message Strategy Cycle and see if you can make it yours.

Step one: founder’s intent

Joe Gebbia, co-founder, AirBnB

Joe Gebbia, co-founder, AirBnB

The wellspring of continuous stories about your business is your founders’ core intentions in the business. We use a couple of different approaches to facilitate this information from a business. It’s amazing, though, how clear this information can be.

For example, this morning, I got to sip coffee with Joe Gebbia, the co-founder of AirBnB. He said, “AirBnB was started, and exists, so that you can belong anywhere.” Hard to miss that, huh?  The essential “founders intent” is the storyline—your stories riff off that.

Joe went on to talk about how when investors wouldn’t back them over the first years, the need to keep going was fueled because he and his cofounder really believed in creating a platform to help people belong anywhere. Right now, he’s excited he is that AirBnB has 1,000 places to stay in Cuba now—more “now you can belong anywhere” stories, featuring Cuba.

Message StrategyStep two: message framework.

When we set up “endless story cycles,” we take the core values, and and frame them into a position statement. Message position statements are simple paragraphs that build out the core values with key points of evidence and identity. You take this step because, to the outside world, founders’ intent alone is not believable without context and evidence like:

• Vision or mission

• Sandbox (like “U.S. or “West Coast” or “global”)

• Key audiences (like HCM Managers or Financial Planners or CMOs)

• Headquarters or locations

• Date of founding

• Financial Growth

• Number of employees

• Key customers

• Reference to any proprietary index data or methodology the company has

Step 3 – develop campaigns

Finally, you get to develop some stories! While there are many other types of campaigns you can create with a solid message strategy, stories—or public relations campaigns—are certainly one of them.

Other types include email campaigns, ebooks, webinars—you get the idea. The essence of the founder’s intent and message framework is an endless well of inspiration. To move from a message position specifically to engaged public relations outreach, you’ll want to answer these simple questions:

1) Who are most relevant target audiences? One story idea may be able to be mined three or four ways as you pursue different audience angles.

2) Which brands are influential with them now? Brand tie-ins are great ways to re-angle a basic story.

3) What do they need to know, that they don’t know now, in order to choose us? There are often a handful of issues that, if your audience knew and believed it, would lead them to your company. Purusing these is a significant story geyser.

4) Who would stand up for our side of the story? Which clients care about this too?

Making a point of continuously sharing your clients’ stories around your core values is one of the big secrets of endless storytelling. Here’s a quick primer on how to get your clients involved in sharing your story: Three Secrets To Writing Case Studies Right.

5) What unique data can we share to underscore our story? Your own unique point of view, as evidenced by data, is a terrific way to keep your stories flowing. If you are a software platform, with a little creativity your scrubbed user or usage data should is an endless source of public relations story opportunity. How about a quarterly report drawn from aggregate, scrubbed usage statistics?

Perfect public relations with process

Your never-ending story cycle wouldn’t be perfect without some analysis of its performance.

Message testing, step four in our process, is a big topic all on its own . You can learn more about testing your message in this blog post on marketing metrics.


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How to make headlines at DistribuTECH 2015

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Build Awareness at DistribuTECH 2015

Each year, Write2Market takes a select number of outstanding technology and services firms to DistribuTECH.

Maximize marketing and sales opportunities by going on this exclusive media tour. You’ll build media relationships and garner the opportunity for ongoing positive coverage.

Maximize awareness at DistribuTECH 2015

Hands-on, in-person briefings with  key journalists and analysts at Distributech 2015, including booking briefings specific journalists from outlets and analysts like:

  • Pike Research
  • Gartner
  • PowerGrid International
  • Fierce Energy
  • Electric Energy T&D
  • Greentech Media
  • Electric Light & Power
  • EnergyBiz
  • and similar
  • Your official DistribuTECH 2015 press conference (we do the work, you get the glory).
  • Video taken on-site at show featuring your message.
  • Press room package including press release.
  • Media training (in person in San Diego).

Line up your DistribuTECH 2015 Media Tour Today

Contact us no later than January 20 to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity to meet the media at DistribuTECH 2015.

Marketing at DistribuTECH 2015

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5 insider secrets for the biggest utility conference of the year

If you want to maximize your exposure at Distributech 2015, here’s what you need to know:

1. Remember: the D in DistribuTECH is for “Decisionmaker”

The utility industry is focused on safety, efficiency, and operational excellence. As you walk the halls of the conference and expo, you’ll see 10,000 decision makers, many of them dressed casually.

Don’t be fooled. 365 of the largest utilities in the world are walking the floor in teams February 3-5 in San Diego. They are making big decisions about strategic approaches in security, SCADA, T&D, monitoring, outsourced field operations, and everything else. Public utilities, coops and munies are represented–so are start up teams and key partnership opportunities. That gentleman in work boots and panel flaid may well be scoping out a new $50 million investment for Duke.

2. Make friends with media at DistribuTECH 2015

Penwell owns the show–literally–so their  utility-focused publications (and editors) are well represented. Drop by the gi-normous Penwell booth to make friends with some of the top influencers, and be sure to reach out before the show to secure breakfast, a beer, or a briefing with editors and analysts.

The #DTech2015 hashtag is in fast and furious use–be sure to optimize your social presence before and during the show.

Over 100 journalists attend DistribuTECH 2015, including:

  • Gartner
  • Public Utilities Fortnightly
  • Intelligent Utility
  • EnergyBIZ
  • Pike Research
  • Electric Power & Light
  • PowerGrid International

3. Release news at  your own DTECH press conference

Show organizers are open to creating first-class press conference events if your news merits the attention of the larger utility market.

Write2Market recommends that this show, with its unique profile of editors and analysts who truly understand the energy space, is a fantastic place to release your best news of the year in style.

4. Create DistribuTECH 2015 client events

One of the smartest things marketers to the utilities can do is create a combined prospecting/sales event that you also use as a client hosting opportunity.

The hotels in San Diego are amazing, but if you want to go off property and save money as well as make a great impression, right across “the tracks” from the Convention Center is the GasLamp Quarter. It’s a very easy walk in sunny California weather. Great options for unique client/sales event experiences at reasonable prices abound.

Other hot spots on the DistribuTECH scene are the marina-side bars at the Marriott next to the San Diego Convention Center.

Both before and after the show, some of San Diego’s best golf courses around La Jolla and Torrey Pines get lots of business from utility executives.

Grab major media opportunities at DTECH 2015

Each year, Write2Market’s energy practice takes a few select companies with us to DistribuTECH for media tours.   Find out if you qualify to join the DistribuTECH 2015 Media Tour.

More DistribuTECH marketing articles . . .