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Exploring how content marketing can aide in your goals of improving SEO

A successful content marketing program is often thought of as an outbound effort to bring visitors back to your website. From blog posts and videos that become fodder for social channels to article placements and webinars, marketers are constantly reaching out to find individuals and drive them back to their websites. Content marketing has additional benefits that are sometimes overlooked, but the most prominent is improved SEO.

Let’s explore two ways that you can begin to optimize your SEO by investing in content marketing.

Keywords, keywords, keywords

Improving SEOThe whole point of SEO is to increase your ranking on target keywords, and in turn drive more of your target customers to your website. Content marketing– particularly blogging– is an excellent way to incorporate the keywords that you want to optimize right on your website. You will be amazed how easily strategic keywords work into your posts if you have them in mind prior to writing. *cough cough, improving SEO*

To make the biggest impact as you focus on your SEO strategy, make sure that you incorporate the chosen keyword in each of these 5 sections of your post:

  • Title
  • URL
  • The body content (bonus points if you include it multiple times, and in sub-headers)
  • SEO Title
  • Meta description

Take a look at this piece on calendaring for content marketing by my colleague Hayley Cook, who does an excellent job breaking down how keywords can help you to ideate topics.

Effectively utilizing inbound links

That’s right, even content marketing initiatives that don’t live on your website can aid in improving SEO. Any time that you place a contributed article, or guest blog, you have the opportunity to give your SEO a boost. If at all possible, try to use one of the keywords you are trying to optimize, and link it back to a corresponding landing page on your website. This can be anything from a services landing page to a blog, or even a case study, just make sure that the link makes sense. Today’s customers are savvy, and they will be annoyed if the link doesn’t fit.

At Write2Market, we provide content marketing to clients every day– from blogs, to videos, social media execution, media placement and more. The power that all of these things have to optimize SEO is amazing. It is a slow process that requires commitment and perseverance, but the outcome is definitely worth the time and resources spent when web traffic increases. Take the time to build SEO strategy into your content marketing strategy and you’ll definitely see results.