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Smart Furniture: The Third Wave of Retail

As the preferred retailer for quality furniture brands like Herman Miller, Steelcase and Knoll, is a pioneer in the emerging third wave of retail. To hear CEO T.J. Gentle put it, the first wave of retail was about the home town shopkeeper. The most successful of those got to know their customers’ preferences face to face. Caring made a difference on the bottom line and shopping meant something.

Then in the second wave of retail, ecommerce made it possible to get what you want delivered to your door. Transactions were simple–but impersonal. We’re at the end of the second wave.

Now, the third wave of retail is where it gets interesting. SmartFurniture has built a platform to take a customer’s personality, and deliver a customized solution that matches it. SmartFurniture doesn’t  just ship you stuff–the company asks you a few questions, then uses proprietary AI algorithms to show you the stuff you want to see. Suddenly, an ecommerce site is transformed into a catalog of ideas and directions that blend deftly with the person’s needs. (You have to try this for yourself–go to and take that visual quiz–takes 5 seconds.)

That’s pretty special, isn’t it? With its proprietary customer profile platforms, SmartFurniture is able to deliver a personal experience with all of the convenience and selection of a world class, world-scale furniture purveyor and with all the logistics convenience of a large retailer.  Welcome to retail’s third wave–visible at

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