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This week our clients had wins that showcase some qualities of effective content. In generating new and thoughtful content, you could use one or more of these characteristics as the backbone of a piece.

Effective content showcases success

Referencing past performance is a great way to showcase past success! Our client, Health Connect South uses a dose of the past to get people excited for the future. Interviews with past conference success stoGeorgia Aquarium Night 2ries appear on the HCS blog to provide testimony of the value in attending. Not to mention giving guests a sneak peek into past conferences boosts anticipation! It’s not too late to get your ticket for #HCS2016!

Effective content has an insider’s perspective

Producing content that has an insider perspective is key in establishing yourself as a thought leader.A huge high five to Jennifer Silvecpgrberg, CEO of Smartcommerce, for having content featured by Total Retail this week! She shares her data driven perspective into why people still love grocery stores, and how we can influence locavores to dive into the world of e-commerce. Read her full insight here.

Effective content is sometimes unconventional

Content that questions marketing status quo captivates the reader. Ken Robbins, CEO of Response Mine Interactive facebookwas published on Internet Health Management this week. His tips for physicians challenge the routine way they utilize social media. Posting a thought provoking piece is a perfect way to create followers. They will return for your novel ideas! Read Robbins full write up here.


Effective content is useful

An effective piece of content has a takeaway. N3’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing TLI-TimKillenberg_0083im Killenberg was published in the Salesforce blog with a piece highlighting five traits of a great inside sales person. Since Killenberg is an expert in the field of outsourced inside sales and marketing, he shares what he looks for in a great inside sales person. This can be used by hiring teams and inspiring sales people alike. When creating content – any content – always consider the takeaway for your audience. That way your content will be effective: creating exposure and awareness for your