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How do you title an email newsletter for maximum open rate?

Last week, we continued our quest to improve the email newsletter  open and click through rates for a client. We were thrilled with working up to a 42% open rate and a 27% click rate! It was sent to 500 people–so targeting is also a factor.

Email click rate example

Both numbers are way better than the average for this list–which is what we want to see, progress!

Email open rate example

As we continue to learn how to improve the engagement for this client, we’re learning about what makes sense for their audience. Can you guess which one is has the 27% open rate and which one 11%?

  • How many millionaires in Georgia?
  • Financial planning for entrepreneurs – different, not difficult!

You probably guessed it right – – How Many Millionaires in Georgia clearly won!

Here are some tips for better email newsletter conversion rates:

  • Engaging title. The second title makes a statement – but doesn’t engage the reader.
  • Shorter is better
  • Give a REASON to DO something
  • Relevant to your audience–strong targeting
  • Mobile friendliness (reads well on a phone)

We rightfully measure success for email marketing in open and click rates. Open is a start – people might at least read your email. But what is the ultimate goal beyond opening? It’s doing something. In the case of the first email – clearly people wanted to know the answer to question. So they clicked in the email to go and read the blogpost. Too many email newsletters do not have a call to click – a reason to read further. Just think about your own inbox and the newsletters you receive. Which ones do you click?  This is where relevance comes in as well – what is your target audience interested in?

Lastly: at least 50% of your newsletters will be opened on a mobile device. Does it work on a cell phone? Test it yourself before you send it!

In case you were curious to answer about the millionaires, here is the email, including the link to the blog with the answer!

How many millionaires in Georgia?

The number surprised me!

Find out the answer – and how this compares to other states in the US, here.