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Email promotion for media relations

By April 18, 2011May 1st, 2013No Comments

Written for: IQ Group

Outsourcing promotion email for IQ Group Version 1 – light/humor/geeky (graphic: close up of silly monkey face)

<Subject Line> Check this out – free Jonathan Coulton offer from IQ Group

Dear <first name>,

Busy day? No kidding—lots of companies in our industry are shrinking their IT budgets but NOT  letting up on demand for services. Meanwhile, maintaining the IT infrastructure hasn’t gotten any easier.

[subhead] Try outsourcing South African style

The good news is that Forester Group forecasts that 48% of firms plan to increase outsourcing—43% moving off shore. Maybe now’s the right time to try supplementing your team with native English speaking technical experts in Cape Town?

[subhead] Free “Code Monkey” album

Founded in 1998, IQ Group is well known as an IT outsourcing partner for demanding organizations like <company name>. Our U.S. headquarters are in Atlanta and our 800 employees staff outstanding network support and software development centers of excellence on four continents. Use us, and you can mine greater value from overseas labor rates and pursue a “follow the sun” 24/7 support strategy.

The first twenty people that respond to my email are getting (no obligation) the entire Jonathan Coulton Album Thing Week Three, including the hit single CODE MONKEY. (Trust me, if you haven’t heard it—hysterical.) Just call me at 404-918-xxxx. Or email me—

What are you waiting for?!

IT Consultant / North America

Version 2 – Benchmark offer – traditional business tone/style

<subject line> Benchmarking your code maintenance budget

Dear <First Name>,

As your boss peers over your shoulder at your IT budget, how can you prove that you’re spending about the same as—or less than—your peers?

[subhead] Get the Annual Budget Benchmark Report for <Company Name>

At IQ Consulting, we can help you prove how well you’re doing. I’ll call you in a couple days to ask you a few quick questions about your operation—nothing major. If you can provide me the parameters, I can match your spending levels against firms of similar size and let you know how you compare. If you like the results, I’ll provide them to you in a written Legacy Code Maintenance Annual Budget Benchmark Report for <Company Name>.

[subhead] Protect your job, gain information

Founded in 1998, IQ Group is a privately-held multi-national global management consulting firm. I’m looking forward speaking with you this week. If you’d prefer to get started sooner, just give me a call at 404-918-XXXX or drop me a line
IT Consultant