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by Paul Snyder

In last week’s Write2Market webinar, Matt Gove, chief marketing officer of Piedmont Healthcare, Marc O’Connor, chief operating officer with Curant Health, and Deanna Pogorelc, journalist with MEDCITY News offered insights on stories that resonate and effective tactics for reaching healthcare executives right now. Listen to the 30 minute webinar below, and learn:

  • What are the elements of stories that compel readers to, well, keep reading? According to Deanna Pogorelc, the story is people, novelty, visual elements, and simplicity.
  • The “listicle”: ridicule or resource? Matt Gove definitely has an opinion on this one.
  • Social media and the C-Suite: the “Chief Listening Officer?” Marc O’Connor talks about a new role in the healthcare C-Suite with strong ties to the social realm and the importance of understanding your audience’s mission.

Deanna, Marc, and Matt get into all of this and more in a fast-moving webinar, a great use of 30-minutes for anyone in the healthcare marketing space. Enjoy!