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How public relations (PR) success depends on video

By July 25, 2012March 11th, 2013No Comments

Quietly, with out a lot of fanfare, print media has moved past obsolete into antiquated. And it’s video that has stepped up. In the recent past, public relations professionals thought of using video only on major national stories—a VNR or video news release. But now, compelling video is an element in successful national-level business story telling.

You can see it everywhere:

In fact, the importance of video is becoming so prevalent in the news that we brought video story telling inhouse at Write2Market. We shoot public relations video almost daily. We’ve learned first hand that videos can help us:

1)   Distinguish ourselves as story telling professionals to journalists who are bored with the old approach to PR

2)   Create emotional connection for our clients–video is not as good as being in person but it sure is better than flat print

3)   Help us introduce speakers to conferences and build audience share–conference planners trust people they can see speaking

Today’s video is luckily less produced than ever before. Here’s a couple of examples from our public relations video production team–

1)   A story of a growing company turning to a communications consulting firm:

2)   A story about an energy technology company

So what do you think about video? Do you prefer watching YOUR news in video, or is print still your favorite storytelling medium?