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Introductory Sales and Sales Promotion Letters

By April 14, 2011March 12th, 2013No Comments

Great introductory sales letters have several things in common:

  • uncommon response rates
  • higher than average close rates
  • simple next steps
  • clear calls to action, and
  • evidence that establishes credibility

Business and sales letters

Write2Market has made a science of crafting direct mail and sales letters that create anticipation and incentivize response. We begin by understanding the needs your target audience. What challenges do they face? What are typical barriers to creating a better relationship with these potential customers?

Once Write2Market sales letter writers understand the context the letters will be used in, we provide you several potential themes to choose from and then execute your favorite concept.

Follow up sales letters

Most Write2Market sales letter and sales promotion campaigns are multi-part. We include follow up letters (or emails) along with the introductory letter, giving your sales team a well-rounded communication package that:

  • Frees their time to create better relationships
  • Results in more productive time on the phone
  • Decreases follow up time
  • Shortens the sales cycle