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“Write2Market’s public relations campaign for Heartland Rehabilitation Outpatient Services is the differentiating component in exceeding our new patient goals, gaining national press coverage and providing an effective and reputable marketing outlet to contact local physicians.” –Joanna Pera, Director of Market Development

Healthcare PR results

After their engagement with Write2Market, Heartland Rehabilitation

  • enjoys more than $2,000 retail dollars spent by patients on pilates in the month after related articles were published.
  • has significantly exceeded new patient goals.
  • reaps the benefits of increased tours, screening and question and answer sessions with potential patients, which were directly related to published articles.
  • had 19 phone calls to the clinic with specific questions about the services featured in a local publication.
  • experiences an increase in patients requesting certain services that received press coverage, which translates to increased sales.
  • is featured in national and local press, including feature-length articles with full-color graphics, resulting in more than 1,449,495 public impressions.
  • has print coverage with the current advertising equivalency of more than $50,000.
  • has online exposure of more than 325,000 reads, with dozens of inserts into key health websites, news feeds and search engines.

Healthcare PR strategies

  1. Establish Heartland as a leader in outpatient rehabilitation care with physicians and consumers through targeted media relations campaign.
  2. Differentiate the outpatient rehabilitation clinics from other Heartland services with physicians and consumers through targeted media relations campaign.
  3. Establish Heartland Rehabilitation and its physical therapists and other key executives as media resources to Detroit and trade media with ongoing relationship building through media contact.

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Healthcare Media Relations Case Study