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Meet the copywriting agency famous for results

By April 14, 2011March 12th, 2013No Comments

Write2Market, founded in 2003 by Lisa Calhoun after a background of working with top global ad agencies, was created with one mission: the success of your campaign. Our tag line and our mission are the same: “writing that gets results.”

In an increasingly connected world, the “content factor” –your word juice—makes all the difference in the success of marketing, public relations and content development projects.

  • In a business context, watered down, insipid copywriting will lose your audience despite dramatic graphics, video or special effects.
  • Big business projects demand content that delivers results, and that takes a copywriting team that understands business, their media, and how to leverage both according to your budget.
  • The world of digital media moves fast. Individual or freelance practitioners often cannot leverage the bandwidth to both keep up with changes while also delivering on current deadline-critical projects, so there’s a pattern of peaks and valleys in their work. Not so with a copywriting agency like Write2Market, where learning at a project level is shared though-out the company’s DNA through a series of proven processes and platforms.

It’s no wonder our [intlink id=”75″ type=”page”]copywriting agency team[/intlink] regularly receive awards and is honored by dozens of client testimonials. We’ve also been mentioned by a Who’s Who in business media—includes citations in Entrepreneur,Inc., The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

The copywriting agency you can count on

Let’s discuss your copywriting needs. Join us for a cup of coffee in at our downtown Atlanta office, or feel free to [intlink id=”124″ type=”page”]contact us[/intlink] in any way that makes sense for you. We’re here to help.