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Content marketing and successful PR

By January 19, 2011September 22nd, 2017No Comments

For a public relations person to think about anything but building a relationship is almost antithetical. But in this era where “like is the new link,” content marketing expertise may be the most critical tool in the public relations firms’ toolbox.

In the right context, the right content is the super-connector. As Ninan Chacko of PR Newswire said,

“Content is and increasingly will be the currency that drives convergence across all communications disciplines. Content engages audiences around essential brand themes and value propositions. Provided in the right context, through the right channels, it motivates immediate action and drives measurable demand.”

That’s why content marketing is the glue driving today’s most successful public relations programs. The way the glue holds is this: great content marketing shows thought leadership. But how you can get more visitors to your content? One way is to rank in google, thats called SEO, you can trust your optimization to updraft seo | portland.