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RMI Sees Direct Healthcare Marketing Results

A leading direct response digital marketing agency, Response Mine Interactive has no shortage of satisfied clients who have seen massive results from its innovative lead generation and SEO executions. RMI called on Write2Market to help the agency build awareness of its capabilities, including its extensive knowledge of marketing to baby boomers, optimizing landing pages, and luxury brand management.  

Jumping into action with our proprietary Industry Leadership Methodology, W2M went to work identifying access, awareness, and award opportunities that would provide instant recognition for RMI. We worked together on the right message for the agency and creating a message position for them that was authentic and relevant.

In the first year of engagement, RMI experienced:

Awareness – Response Mine was covered in these publications:

Access – Response Mine was booked for speaking engagements at these industry events:

“We have experienced phenomenal results. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have running my PR or developing my reputation management.”

–Ken Robbins, CEO and Founder, RMI