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Google Trend Reveals When Social Media Overtook PR

December 2009  might not have meant much to you at the time, but it was the inflection point for when social media crossed public relations as a trending term, according to Google Trend data.

What does the ascendancy of social media mean for marketers?

Here’s a quick dictionary to translate new media realities:

Old Term What it really means now . . .
Media Advertising
Social Media Gossip Pages
Marketing Privately managed media environment
(“unsubscribe” is an old term, after all, used by catalog companies like Sears long before email marketing took it over)
Trade Media Insider stuff
Business Media Journalism
Advertising Sponsorship
Sponsorship Marketing (see above)

Do you have the right message architecture for your company to be recognized as an industry leader? These days, it’s not just social media, or public relations, but a thoughtful messaging infrastracture that makes the difference for growth stage companies.

Growth is a multi-channel message

From demand generation to lead nurturing to thought leadership and market awareness, today’s technology can help you distribute your message but first, you have to make sure you have a resonant one. Let us know if you’d like to discuss what can work best for YOU and your market.