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Lots of research shows that CEO reputation directly impacts company valuation. CEO reputation is more resilient than most people realize however–look at examples of socially and media prominent CEOs like Elon Musk and Marissa Mayer.

If you could directly impact your company’s valuation 20-48% like they can, how much of your time would the right combination of these activities be worth? Check the chart and see . . .


How long per week

How long per year


Daily CEO tweet or LinkedIn Post 7 minutes 43 hours (~ 2 days) Hundreds of thousands of individual perceptions. Try BufferApp to make it easy to post.
Writing a book 3 hours a week for 20 weeks (1 hour for ghostwriter interview, 1 hour for draft review & prep) 60 hours (5 days) 5,000 readers per year, plus 100,000 annual impressions on people who never read it—most of them journalists. Payoff!
Monthly internal webcast 1 hour per week 52 hours per year (~5 days) All your employees, plus the people they influence. Try one of the new video platforms.
Twice-monthly blog post on CEO blog 30 minutes per week being interviewed by a writer, 15 minutes editing what they said you said, 15 minutes responding to comments on the blog 52 hours per year (almost 5 days) Potentially millions–also great fodder for social posts and truly being “in touch” with your people.
Quarterly speaking engagement N/A 4 days (48 hours) The association or group you are speaking to will be moved to speak about you—thousands of impacts
Winning executive leadership awards N/A 1 day 5000-10,000 impressions from substantial awards, among your target audience
Media tour and desk-side briefings (ie, Bloomberg, etc.) N/A 2 days (one prep, one activation) Hundreds of thousands if not millions of impressions based on how the journalists write about you in the future, after having met you
Article writing for publications like HBR, Fortune, WSJ, Bloomberg The same writer or publicist you’re working with on the blog is a natural resource 1 day per article Millions of North American impressions from other business leaders and influencers

Curious about turning some of these ideas into action? Give us a shout and our executive team will be glad to talk with you privately about it.