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During the first day of my internship at Write2Market, I drew up a content calendar, wrote a press release, and tweaked a client’s website. I hadn’t done anything like it before, and by the time 5 o’clock rolled around, I felt energized, exhausted, and excited to see where the summer would take me. 

Two months later, I’ve learned an incredible amount about what it means to be in marketing and public relations. From website development to pitching bylines, Write2Market does it all for its clients. As my internship comes to a close and I reflect on my experiences, I’m amazed at how far I’ve come in terms of my professional development and how much I enjoyed my time at Write2Market. 

Besides the everyday tasks of social media scheduling and content creation, there are a lot of exciting projects going on every day at Write2Market. Here is a snapshot of life at the agency, only steps away from the Atlanta Beltline!

Using Video To Tell A Story

During my first week, I had the opportunity to attend client GeorgiaBio’s Summer Biotech Immersion Program. I took photos and filmed b-roll while high school science teachers brushed up on their lab skills. When the session wrapped up, I helped out with a series of interviews in which those teachers spoke to their experiences with the program and with Georgia public schools. 

Later on, I got the chance to edit that footage on FinalCut Pro, turning lengthy interviews into social media-sized snippets that helped tell not only GeorgiaBio’s story but the stories of each individual we interviewed. Take a look!

Keeping Score With Google Analytics

Something I had never considered before my internship was how marketers measured their impact on clients. The answer is analytics, analytics, analytics. A long-term project for me was revamping the SmartScoot website to align its content with common search terms. Every time I checked in with Google Analytics, I saw higher search rankings, adding tangible value to a Write2Market client.

LinkedIn: My New Favorite Social Media Network

Working with another client, the John Maxwell Company, I learned how to take advantage of LinkedIn as a powerful marketing tool. One of my favorite projects was developing a PDF “slideshow” that acted as a quick and engaging visual component for a two-part podcast. I was excited to develop my design skills and watch that post generate traffic.  

Beyond that project, I also learned how to use Temi software to transcribe the John Maxwell Company’s podcasts for inclusion on their website. Using similar technology, I was able to caption LinkedIn videos, a cool way to increase engagement opportunities on our social networks.

Most importantly, I learned that being a digital marketing and PR professional means living your clients’ stories. That means knowing what makes them a stand-out in their industry. For example, after the Summer Biotech Immersion Program, I had the chance to edit similar interviews with driven high school students, supported by GeorgiaBio in extracurricular scientific pursuits. With my first hand understanding of and belief in GeorgiaBio’s mission, I was able to help tell its story through these students. 

Write2Market gave me the chance to learn, hands-on, in a top-notch digital marketing and PR agency. Even though there’s still a lot for me to learn, I have grown far more comfortable navigating the different components that go into successful agency operations. I’m excited to bring my new marketing skillset and confidence to my senior year and beyond.


Isabel White is a summer intern at Write2Market and a rising senior at Emory University studying business administration.