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Retail Loyalty Program Gets National Coverage With Technology PR

redpepper’s recent works of marketing art called Facedeals has received a fair amount of accolades (and a whole ‘lotta press on CNN to boot, too).  Facedeals is a face-recognition customer loyalty platform that sends deal offers straight to a customer’s smartphone when they cross the threshold of one of their chosen businesses.

Check-In with Your Face from redpepper on Vimeo.

As we’re sure you can imagine, such powerful and personal technology is bound to show up consumer privacy advocates’ radar, as highlighted in another CNN article. Rest assured, though, as Facedeals requires each customer’s permission to use profile information in its operations.  So, in essence, any customer who decides to use Facedeals gets to play a (somewhat) democratic role in the sales process.  A win for technology, and for the industry leaders at redpepperWe think so.