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Linked-in: Leverage social media

By March 17, 2011May 1st, 2013No Comments

Patricia Romboletti Led “Linked-in: Not What You Think It Is” Tuesday Morning

Executives, do you want to generate more leads in less time, with less money and effort? I thought so. Tuesday morning I had the opportunity to attend a Linked-in workshop led by Patricia Romboletti. Pat has been conducting Linked-in workshops nationally with professionals for the past 4 years. She has mastered the art of connecting with the other 90 million Linked-in members, as evidenced by her extensive network.

Below you will find three tips from Patricia Romboletti to save time and generate more leads with Linked-in:

-Replace one coffee meeting a week with an hour on Linked-in and reinforce your network and generate new leads. Pat quickly checks her home page every morning for interesting updates from her network that may inspire her to start a conversation with one of her contacts, reinforcing that relationship, and updates her status with insightful industry articles that may inspire someone in her network to reach out to her. She sets aside one morning a week to contribute to two group conversations. Pat has found a number of new connections and prospects by contributing to Linked-in conversations and by spurring on new conversations with an insightful question.

-Reach out to the manager of your Linked-in groups and expand your network quickly with quality connections. You joined the group to connect with people within that area of interest. The group manager is generally going to be well connected and can help you find the right people to add to your network. This can also be a great way to prepare for a trade show if you are not intimately familiar with the interest area or industry of the show. Cut days of tracking down the right people to a half-hour conversation with an industry expert.

-Planning a business trip? Want to make the most of it? Visit the Linked-in event page and find upcoming events in your industry located in cities around the world. Reach out to the event planner and he or she will likely be willing to introduce you to just the right people to make your time and efforts well worth their while. Quickly become personally connected with industry professionals wherever you go, then add them to your Linked-in network and reinforce that connection.

Post Written By: Denise