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Content marketing and smart SEO should continue to win for B2B marketers as in-person’s return remains uncertain.

Long-play content marketing for engagement, education and awareness including SEO primed the pump for non-stop lead generation when in-person came to a screeching halt in March 2020. What have we learned since, what does ROI look like and what can B2B marketers do to get ahead or catch up?

Write2Market VP of Healthcare Paul Snyder will deliver metrics and case study based insights at the 2021 TAG Marketing Geek Out on March 3, 2021. Join Paul Snyder for this quick-hitting, value packed session and enjoy the balance of the content rich event in its entirety on March 2nd and 3rd. 

Other featured speakers and ‘TED style talk’ topics include, “Jeff Perkins, CMO of ParkMobile about moving from growth mode to crisis mode and finding success all the same, Eric Holtzclaw, Chief Visionary Partner of Liger Partners about finding success in the virtual word, and Stephanie Eaddy, Global Marketing Director of The Coca-Cola Company about pivoting a global market shift in light of the pandemic, and many more.”

We thank the team at the TAG Marketing Society for offering our friends a screaming deal of just $10 to attend the entirety of the Geek Out program. Use promo code GeekOutSpeaker when you register here. Don’t worry if you can’t attend on those dates, registrants will be able to access the content at any time following the premiere.