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Not all copywriting agencies are created equal

By June 2, 2011August 29th, 2013No Comments

Like the agency world at large, copywriting agencies can often be cardboard cut outs—a nice façade, but no steady heartbeat behind the shiny digital windows. The copywriting world is composed of over 140,000 individuals, most of them freelancers, and many of them associated with multiple agencies.  (Interested in the topic? Read our “[intlink id=”113″ type=”page”]Agency or freelancer[/intlink]?” article.)

Superior copywriting agencies share common factors

At Write2Market, our [intlink id=”75″ type=”page”]copywriters [/intlink]include the best of the best—and they’re a stable team of employees, just like you’d expect from any committed endeavor. This makes a difference, because together we can:

  • Share best practices and success secrets free of competitive reticence
  • Create  process improvements for the whole copywriting agency  that leverage the power of real writing teams (impossible when herding a stable of independent divas)
  • Develop learning and training programs to take super writing to superb. (When’s the last time a freelance writer endulged in a  week of training? It’s understandably rare.)
  • Guarantee availability without checking the schedules of independent writers or freelancers

Discover the copywriting agency difference

If you’ve been working with freelancers, but you’re concerned they may be overwhelmed with the pace  your business demands today, try augmenting their work with a copywriting agency like Write2Market.  We’re team players, and as a team of writers ourselves, we know how to play well with others.

Discover how much more quickly and effectively your copywriting projects can progress–[intlink id=”124″ type=”page”]contact us[/intlink] today.