Freelance writer or agency?

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Freelance writer, agency, or hired writer?

Do you need to hire a freelance copywriter, an employee, or a writing agency?

These checklists will help you decide.

Faced with a mountain of content to create, you know you need help–but where are you going to get it?  Expert writing support comes in three flavors: employee, freelance writer, and agency. Let’s look at the advantages and drawbacks of each, and give you a framework for making this important decision.

The benefits of hiring a freelance writer

Freelance writers are fantastically economical for quick-turn-around, one-off work. They are often guns for hire–rifles that can take aim at a particular copy project and nail it for you almost overnight. Most freelance writers work from home and have set hourly rates. (Some do charge by project.) Here’s a checklist of the kinds of projects that tend to be “best fit” for a copywriter.

Hire a freelancer if:

  • Your project is small–a brochure, an annual report, a couple of sales letters, a monthly newsletter, or a few pages of web copy
  • Your industry is well understood (the freelancer won’t need a lot of ramp-up time)
  • You have samples of previous writing to guide the writer
  • Your budget is limited
  • You do not have a recurring variety of work
  • You do not need marketing strategy–you know exactly what you want

For the best fit, hire the freelance writer who shows you exact samples of the type of writing you’re looking for. That way, your project is taken care of in a timely and practiced manner by an expert, and you experience the best the freelance writing industry has to offer.

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