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Real content development change in the air

By June 2, 2011July 7th, 2016No Comments

Top writers and content managers are on a new page—one without margins. The absence of borders is a direct result of the digitalization of content, and the fact that information is freer than ever before. And that means it interacts with the audience, and we can see the results in content development. Results are becoming real—tangible, present, palpable for writers of all stripes.

The skinny on content development in 5 seconds

In this bracing environment, in the early steps of a new decade, Write2Market sought out practicing writing gurus and content development leaders to bring you the top writing trends for 2010.

The experts say the world of content creation is indeed creating itself quickly. Yet today’s professional writers are, for the most part, sitting out the big game on the sidelines, discussing style guides, grammar and linguistic drift while touchdowns are scored by those who put function over form.

As content evolves, so does strategy for development

If you’ve got a few more minutes, on the following pages, you’ll get no-punches-pulled perspectives from:

  • Scott Abel, the “Content Wrangler,” who jets from conference to conference speaking on trends around content development and consulting the Fortune 50.
  • Peter Shankman, founder of HARO, who single-handedly reinvented how journalists tell stories (and kicked ProfNet to the curb).
  • Jeff Bezos, Kindle inventor and Amazon founder.
  • Nona Carson, a lifetime marketing leader and agency vice-president who speaks from the trenches in Huntsville, AL.

Their thoughts are all freighted with sidebars from me, Lisa Calhoun, who asked the question—what does it take to create top content in 2010 that didn’t come into play before? Some of their blunt answers will surprise you.

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