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Freelance writer, agency, or hired writer? – the benefits of hiring a writer

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The benefits of hiring a writer

On the other side of the spectrum, sometimes you actually need to hire a writer on staff.

Hire a writer on staff when:

  • Your industry is complex and it will take weeks or months for one person to learn.
  • You do not have a variety of work, but you do have a huge volume of the same kind of work, such as a lot of white papers or case studies, a lot of process documentation, tons of legal briefs, etc.
  • You can guide the business writing strategy at a high level, but need the writer to execute judgment, too
  • You have a budget of at least $70,000 (a starting salary of $50,000 for an inexperienced but credentialed writer,  plus taxes and federal employer contributions of at least $20,000).
  • You have tight deadlines–less than 24 hours.

Writers are like other professional service providers–although they may have a broad understanding of their industry, they tend to focus on sub-specialties. Hire a writer with a background that proves their mettle with the kind of work you need.

What’s more important than a full portfolio, however, is the right attitude and an understanding of your business. An effective business writer has the knack of empathizing with the reader, not their manager–that’s a key trait to hire for from direct marketing talents to technical writers.

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