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How to Ace The National Retail Federation’s Big Show 2015 In New  York

It’s that time of year. The weather is chilling, the leaves are changing–does this make you think of the National Retail Federation?  For the retailers, manufacturers and technologies that all support the multi-trillion dollar retail industry–NYC is top of mind.

With several clients in tow and top industry journalists to meet–how does one retail technology make a splash at the biggest conference in retail? There are a couple of key strategies when it comes to breaking through the noise at NRF’s Big Show 2015, and these tried and true techniques are the basis to any great publicity for you and your company.

  • We’re going to break these down in a webinar if you’d like to join the conversation– How YOU can rock NRF on December 17.

Break Through NRF 2015 Noise with News

The National Retail Federation brings 30,000 attendees and over 100 journalists into a single location. Breaking through the noise and clutter at NRF’s The Big Show 2015 can be tough.  Strategize your story by owning a position on a key topic. Every retail journalist, analyst and editor is receiving 100s of emails each day asking for their time. You have to be strong and engaging all in a few short sentences–and also interesting. That’s why coming armed with news AND a position on an issue works. A few sure fire examples include:

  • Research on a critical trend
  • New product announcement
  • Partnership announcement
  • A great client case study

Prepare To Dominate the #NRF2015 Hashtag

The National Retail Federation’s Big Show 2015 is innately social– with an opportunity for industry leaders to get together for their annual shindig, of course twitter is blowing up!  If you want to get noticed and open the door to your industry influencers, Twitter is the place to be seen just like the cocktail reception.  Develop a plan for sharing your news with retailers. Work in advance to develop brief ways to join the conversation about compelling speaking sessions, and check in with the great people you meet.  Winning strategies include:

  • Having a webinar for NRF 2015 attendees you can use on social
  • Developing short video content for NRF 2015 you can distribute on social
  • Having a specific NRF 2015 sign up

Key social media hashtags for NRF 2015

Tag your content with some of the key hashtags for NRF 2015:

  • #NRF15
  • #Retail
  • #Marketing
  • #custexp
  • #ecommerce
  • #Commerce
  • #POS
  • #Multichannel
  • #ERP
  • #Cloud

Got questions about social media at NRF 2015?

Join us on Dec 17th for a webinar on how YOU can rock NRF .

 NRF The Big Show 2015: Following Up Post-Show

There is nothing worse than hitting your desk after a conference to spam from the show.  General company thank you’s DO NOT close the deal, although they may keep you top of mind.  Follow up with your important contacts in a real authentic way, with specific reminders of your meeting and suggested next steps.  There are a few tried and true tactics for keeping your connections straight:

  • Set aside special time every evening of the show for follow up’s–while you still remember the details
  • Take notes right on their BUSINESS CARD–clothes, hair, conversation topics, anything that will help to jog your memory
  • Be timely–although catching up at work can take weeks, don’t wait that long to say thank you.
  • Assign people to lists on social media

There is no show more exciting or hyper-focused on retail. Although New York may be cold in January, the retail fire is running hot and opening its doors to you.  If you want to maximize your story opportunities at NRF 2015,  reach out to Joé Lloyd in our retail technology marketing practice.

Twitter: @joelloyd  @write2market LinkedIn: Joé Lloyd | Write2Market



NRF: Shoes or Lose

If you’re new to the conference circuit, you may not know what to expect–They call it The Big Show for a reason.  The Jacob K. Javits Center is two giant, gleaming stories of all things retail come January 11th, from buses to billboards and every booth in between–comfortable shoes are the winning accessory.

If you want to win with the media, you must be willing to travel.  Entrances, exits and every coffee stand on the show floor are possible meeting places.  An exhibit booth is great, but the media and press room is even better. NRF is a time for your networking “game face”, join the events both early and late and remember to smile and say “hi”–as simple as it sounds, you never know the major executive or leading trade journalist that is sitting next to you.

Join Joé on Dec 17th as she discusses how YOU can rock NRF in her conversational webinar.