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You can create one voice from a team of many writers, if you follow these four careful practices developed at Write2Market. From blogs to web pages and landing pages, writers are surprisingly social animals. You can support them working faster and smarter with these 4 tips:

1) Develop sample docs for your content development or content marketing program ahead of time. With enough sample material, an expert writing team can write like anyone you need them to emulate, so pick your favorite pieces to lock in a working formula.

Types of samples you want include:

  • TONE: Develop 2-3 pages of sample material with the tone and style you want for the entire site. That way, thousands of pages can be coordinated through the talent and ability of writers who get voice. It’s just like providing sample designs or photos to artists—you constrain the style.
  • FORMULA: Have a winning formula for webinars or landing pages? Template it.
  • FORMAT: Showcase just what you want in terms of length, substance, bullets, etc. Here’s a sample case study guide, for example.

2) Create a design template for every type of page your web site delivers, and match it back to your content database.

3) Use design templates to assign work to writers—that way, one writer can address a number of 
different content blocks.

4) Consider using a custom database interface or content management system interface for the writing team, so that although they write “in context” on a page template, the actual words they write are translated into the database or content management system field by field. (Warning: This works for huge sites–more than 1,000 new pages–but is too heavy a process for smaller sites or start ups because of the coding cost.)

Interested in better marketing content on tap? Call us today at 404-900-7722 or drop us a line @write2market.