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by Lisa Calhoun

Marketers, we’re making a lot more noise, right? So the words we use matter more than ever.

Systems like Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot and Silverpop enforce a new level of constant engagement new in the marketing, sales and communications professions. At Write2Market, we use a word picture that helps consistently cut through the dustbowl of dumb messaging. It’s called community.

Free your company culture to experience social media, marketing messaging and sales environments in a more peaceful, more productive way simply by calling to mind the kind of community that you, the marketer, want to be a part of.

After all, we’re in this together—marketing things we believe in to people we want to believe for all the right reasons. We want to help.

So to create stronger, more connected messaging for your platform and be of greater service, recall a physical community that shares core values in your life.

For some of our team, that’s the group they sing with. For some of our team, that’s a golf club (one of our team is a recovering professional golfer). For one of our team members, it’s the cadre of elite runners; and for another, it’s the Temple. No matter which is your favorite type of connected community, there are three words that consistently resonate that you can use to project sense of community in today’s disconnected, virtual marketing culture.


English teachers try to hack the second person out of some people’s sentence structure, but you want to rely on you. It puts the conversation, or the hint of a real conversation, into our marketing messaging.


You might be so used to slinging benefits you forget that we also need to tie our messages into the moment. We need, in two words, right now to really matter. It’s not just Zen masters that need to remember now. Marketers too, like you, and me need to plug into the why of the moment to really matter in our messaging. It’s the heart of the call to action—bringing the reaction you want into the present, right now.


And finally, for the strongest sense of projected community, put your personality behind it.  Twitter, Google Author, and the entire trend of social media and messaging is toward true, not avatar. Let people know they can reach out to you—actually you—to connect the message. Most people won’t, but the reality that they could creates credibility like no other magic two-letter word can.

Ready to free your company’s industry leadership message? Give me or one of my team members a call at 404-900-7722.