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8 Things To Do With Your News Article

By April 11, 2013June 5th, 2013No Comments

Just got some ink? FANTASTIC! Your work just began.

When you get that link or that ink, don’t just share it with Mom and the Muppets. Go ahead and go nuts. Here are 8 simple things to do with every news article about you and your company’s thought leadership:8 things collage

1) Post the article on your  company Linked In page
2) Post the article to your personal LinkedIn network in a way that invites people to comment or share ideas. Ask your team to do the same–especially the sales team who can use this article as a means to warmly reconnect with the pipeline.
3) Tweet the article every month on a regular schedule for the next 12 months using Hootsuite or some other automation tool. Be sure to use some of the right hash tags to promote it.
4) Put it on your web site in the news section or newsfeed
5) Share the link with your community, perhaps on your home page for a while
6) Put the article on the wall in your lobby, hallway, or watercooler zone
7) Email the article to your pipeline and say, “hey this was cool” ­čśÇ
8) Reprint the article with a call to action for your next few trade show events