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by Alissa Mead, Write2Market Intern

Social media may not be neurosurgery – but marketers and surgeons would agree that precision in planning reduces the risk. Most marketers will tell you that a “spray and pray” approach is not nearly as likely to garner results as a campaign targeting pre-qualified potential clients.  Since online interactions are constantly evolving, it’s imperative to stay on top of trends.

AMN Healthcare recently released results for the 2013 Survey of Social Media and Mobile Usage By Healthcare Professionals. Doctors, nurses, physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals responded to several questions about how they use social media and their preferred devices for interacting with the digital world.

Who’s socially active in healthcare?

The answers may surprise you. While social media is a relatively new concept – and perceived as the domain of youth culture – the AMN survey reveals that among healthcare professions, most social media users are over 50. While unexpected, this information clearly impacts the direction of a social media campaign.

The good news is that almost everyone in healthcare is on social media – 85% of healthcare employees are active on some social media platform. 88% of registered nurses use social media for personal and professional purposes. 71% of pharmacists have made profile updates in the past year, registering as the most diligent in keeping profiles current.

Physicians were identified as the least likely medical professionals to use social media, at 74% – not a shock, given the time demands and confidentiality required of doctors, but  still a relatively high percentage.  For more helpful statistics to help fine-tune your healthcare marketing efforts, check out the infographic.


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