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Power of the Pause

By November 8, 2011May 1st, 2013No Comments

Atlanta PR specialist shares useful take-away from a communication skills and executive development workshop
I recently went through the Speakeasy course, an intense 3-day program to help businesspeople learn to communicate their messages more clearly and more strongly. Of everything I learned during the course, the simplest lesson will be the one that sticks with me: ”Respect the Pause.”

We can get so caught up in our nerves, timing, content, thoughts, etc… that we don’t pause. When we don’t pause, we often speak too quickly. Our voice morphs as we become short of breath. And most importantly, the content of our message often gets lost.

Pause when you aren’t sure of the answer. Pause when you need to collect your thoughts. Pause when you want to put emphasis on what you just said… or are about to say.

I have already begun reaping the benefits of the pause in both my personal and business communication. Sometimes, we all just need to pause… to better express what we are trying to say.

Post written by: Melissa Grisham