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Delta Private Jets and Delta Global Services President, Cyril Turner took time at the Industry Leadership Summit to discuss actionable tactics that can be used to achieve success.  The first step to true understanding and achievement at any business stems from a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of it.  Turner recommended getting as many entry level experiences as you can.

He explained that in the early days of his career, when he worked for Frito-Lay, he made it a point to fill vending machines, work at the warehouse, and ride on delivery trucks.  Not only did it give him a first hand look at the ‘nuts and bolts’ of what the company did, it also garnered him instant respect.  Once employees discovered that he was actually a company executive, they realized that he was not asking them to do anything that he would not do himself.

Turner also spoke on the value of taking a step back from your position and looking for value where organizational functions intersect.  You may strive to compare best personal loans – and have the best marketing team in the business or the best finance team, but even more value exists in figuring out how to achieve collaboration between those functions.  You must obtain comprehensive knowledge of all the facets of your organization and borrow or steal resources from each of them to improve individual functions.

The same rule applies to your collective knowledge. Think about tactics that have worked in seemingly disparate situations and look for ways to customize and implement them to solve a new problem.  To illustrate this, Turner spoke of the instantly redeemable coupons he had grown accustomed to in the packaged goods industry.  Knowing that Delta handled more baggage than anyone else, he applied this tactic by attaching redeemable offers for Atlanta Braves MLB games onto checked luggage and garnered great success.

Turner also discussed the value of obtaining a work/life balance.  It is of paramount importance to form a team with your family, or other support networks, and respect each other’s time as if it was your own.  Your immediate family is a team, and that team is also part of a broader team made up of extended family, and so on.  The happiest Turner said he has ever been was when he was retired and able to take the time to observe the daily routine of his family.  If at all possible, he strongly advised taking a sabbatical and pacing yourself.

When you are gone from this earth, what will you leave behind?  Turner challenged attendees to consider ways that they can leave a legacy.  How can you make an impact so that when people look back at something they can see your mark on it?  Can you say you made a difference?  This can be in your business or personal life, but work hard to make a measurable change in something.