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Energy PR Perspective: Inquiring Minds Drive the Metrics Matrix

By December 17, 2012June 24th, 2019No Comments

By Chris Miller, Marketing Manager, Ecologix Environmental Systems

From integrating sales and marketing strategies to producing video from raw footage, managing social media channels, and data analysis, I pilot the marketing department for Ecologix Environmental Systems, an industrial engineering firm focused on intelligent management and recycling of waste water. When you work in an office full of engineers, attention to detail is critical – every calculation, every figure requires concerted effort. That said, I witnessed some very interesting numbers last week.

Ecologix was recently mentioned in an article that appeared in The Wall Street Journal – the “big daddy” of all business media. Our company was named alongside Halliburton and Schlumberger, two major players in the oil & gas industry, for our efforts in pushing for frac water reuse. For a company just over a decade old, being mentioned next to the likes of Halliburton, a company with a 100-year history, in the WSJ is a HUGE deal. And we have the stats to prove it.

The day after the “fracking” article was published, I jumped into the analytics for our website, The metrics were spectacular. Our website saw a 300% spike in unique visits, a 600% increase in referral traffic, a 400% increase in video viewership, and a 200% bump in blog traffic. Even now, days later, the numbers have maintained the same figures. We’ve even seen a slew of interesting new keyword searches result in click-throughs to our site:

  • Wall Street Journal Ecologix
  • Ecologix investment opportunities
  • Ecologix environmental systems stock price
  • Ecologix GA frac water treatment
  • Eli Gruber Ecologix
  • Ecologix Environmental Systems investors.

There was also a 300% increase in search terms such as “Ecologix” and related search queries leading clicked-through to the website.

In addition to the impressive website analytics, the company also fielded a couple dozen phone calls from the public inquiring about investment opportunities, stock, etc. Company social profiles saw a significant increase in followers within this same time frame.

As I continue to collect data on the residual effect of the story’s publication, I’ve received a re-confirmation of a valuable PR and marketing lesson: the right stories in the right publications generate valuable leads, get you in front of the right people, and help to generate new opportunities.

Creating memorable, consistent and resilient messages through business media ultimately helps to build a solid industry reputation and gives you a strong foundation on which to build industry leadership.