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Full time / part-time graphic design job at top Atlanta marketing firm

You’ll love this job if…

  • You want your work to matter “in the real world.”
  • You thrive in unusual, fluid situations.
  • You enjoy small, dynamic teams of creative people.
  • You like to do LOTS of different things artfully–web design, photography, print design, video, illustration.
  • You love to learn.

We’ll love you if . . .

  • You come already expert in Adobe Creative Suite
  • You know a bit–or a lot–about WordPress.
  • You take feedback super well, with respect and good humor–because everyone has it. (You don’t always have to pay attention to it.)
  • You are serious about being exceptional at what you do and have proven history of strong inner drive and achievement in your field.

We know the artistic life can need flexibility, so we are interviewing both part time (about 20 hours per week) and full time (about 40 hours per week) artists and graphic designers.

To express interest in this opportunity, please drop a note to and answer two questions for us:
1. Why are you the right next artist at Write2Market? Show a couple portfolio samples to underscore your point.
2. What piece of recent work are you most proud of, and why? (Show it to us in a link!)

What’s working at Write2Market look like?