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Energy Public Relations puts Mid-Market Leader on National Stage

LEC is a 41-year old global operation providing lightning protection with proven proprietary technology in 60 countries. The problem? Not many oil and gas plants realize that lightning is a threat they can eliminate.


LEC engaged W2M to help establish a stronger stance as the industry leader in lightning protection in the oil and gas industry. Our solution–we realized that enough of the trade publications in the oil and gas industry were dominated by LEC competitors that a fair message was going to be challenging. So, we continued to push trade oil and gas publications tonight LEC’s unique technology, while seeking a more “credible” top media source to validate their engineering.

We won! We partnered with journalists from The Weather Channel’s HACK THE PLANET series, which specifically validates or invalidates technologies around planetary weather. They took a deep dive into LEC’s technology, interviewing their team in their Boulder headquarters. The result? They decided LEC technology was a winner and showed it on national TV. With that validation, placing LEC experts in conferences and trade journals become easier. Even the Houston Chronicle ran a cover story.

Energy public relations case study highlights

More highlights from their industry leadership campaign include:Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 3.28.23 PM

  • Regular trade journal coverage
  • Tier-one coverage
  • Special feature program coverage in The Weather Channel
  • Recognition at a global level at the Platts Global Energy Awards in front of major oil and gas companies world wide, and
  • Ongoing case studies and blog exposure that lead to double-digit increases in qualified web traffic and lead generation.

Energy public relations case study