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Building a global market with technology media relations and new media

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“Write2Market is an aggressive, connected public relations firm. From the energy trades and conferences to the Wall Street Journal, they land fantastic opportunities for us.” –Connie Mixon, CEO


Energy PR results

MyCelx industry leadership is driven by

  • top industry publications such as World Oil Magazine, a top magazine in the global petroleum industry.
  • recognition for a Platts Global Energy Award.
  • interviews by several key publications such as the Wall Street Journal within the first year.
  • sales pitch on CNN following the BP oil spill.
  • recognition at the Offshore Technology Conference, the largest in the world with 75,000 attendees, with a Spotlight on Technology.
  • opportunity with global industry leaders such as Saudi Aramco, Chevron and Anadarko.

Leading the industry

After getting their message together and landing top honors with industry publications, MyCelx now reaps the benefits of having a global audience.

PR strategies

  1. Gain access to the world’s petroleum industry leaders.
  2. Measurably grow the MyCelx brand through media relations.

Do you want to be recognized as an industry leader?

We’d love to have a conversation about how we can help achieve similar results in your industry. Please call us, email us, or drop by one of our events–you can find them on the right.

Oil Energy PR Case Study