Top 3 trends in energy PR

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Energy PR trend 1:

Integration of conference, social media, and traditional media. To illustrate this trend, let me tell a story around one of our clients–Mycelx, a company that removes oil from water streams to 99.9% purity, and works globally. This year for Offshore Technology Conference, we submitted an application for their consideration as New Technology Spotlight. As a first time OTC attendee, the company was thrilled to be selected by the Society of Petroleum Engineers for this honor–which given the competition level, USED to be enough to drive booth traffic and create a terrific event. But in today’s more integrated age, close coordination with the on-site newspaper, with the pre-show weekly enewsletter, and Twitter outreach on site is what created an outstanding presence. No one thing can be identified as a “game changer” in today’s [intlink id=”2797″ type=”post”]energy public relations[/intlink] successes–given a great product or service offering, the game-changer tends to be “integration.”

Energy PR trend 2:

Social Isn’t Stupid. To put it bluntly, while you can hear that the decision makers in energy aren’t on social “yet” and so it’s a waste of effort, two key groups ARE on social media–major business and trade journalists, and energy consumers. Enough said. Not all publicity is designed to reach only a c-level executive at a multi-billion dollar company. One of Write2Market’s energy PR clients was recently interviewed for an hour during Energy Week on MSNBC–terrific placement for investors and building the firm’s value. One of the anchor’s last questions was, what’s your Twitter handle. He created one right after the segment.

Energy PR trend 3:

Weave Awards. Often overlooked, as different media properties such as Forbes, Inc Magazine, Crain’s, and Platt’s are pressured to distinguish themselves and develop deeper reader followings, one of the  avenues is by creating a signature award. Winning these awards takes a terrific application, but our [intlink id=”2815″ type=”post”]energy public relations[/intlink] clients like Mansfield Oil have found awards to be a key component of building better relationships across the industry. For example, by winning both the top energy award from Information Week 500 and one of the top 10 CIO awards, the downstream distribution giant has hard evidence to help convince the Fortune 250 that their IT infrastructure is second to none in the sector. Not only that, but they get “in the room” with other CIOs and industry leaders with whom relationships can be forged.

What’s your favorite [intlink id=”65″ type=”page”]energy PR[/intlink] trend? We’d love to find out! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Energy PR for next generation outreach

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New media + traditional energy PR services

Write2Market’s energy PR practice is built on our Triple A industry leadership methodology. Whether working for Stena Sonangol tanker fleet, the oil removal specialists at Mycelx, or downstream authorities like Mansfield Oil and Ed Staub Energy, Write2Market is able to help create the Access to decision makers, the Awareness among buyers, and the Awards that create credibility. Read our  [intlink id=”2815″ type=”post” ]energy PR[/intlink] case study on how we helped one of our energy clients net over $1 million in coverage in a year, or how we built a global reputation for a local cleantech [intlink id=”2797″ type=”post”]energy firm[/intlink].

Energy PR and new media expertise:

For next generation energy companies, it takes more than traditional energy public relations–following up with Hart Media, Penwell, McGraw Hill,Wall Street Journal, Financial Times . . . Today’s energy PR outreach takes a new blend of clean tech savvy, great relationships online and off, and social media. We create media and social media dashboards that create, distribute and track your message penetration across key markets–from engineers to consumer advocates.

Find out what a difference the next generation approach to [intlink id=”124″ type=”page”]energy PR[/intlink] makes for you.

Building a global market with technology media relations and new media

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“Write2Market is an aggressive, connected public relations firm. From the energy trades and conferences to the Wall Street Journal, they land fantastic opportunities for us.” –Connie Mixon, CEO


Energy PR results

MyCelx industry leadership is driven by

  • top industry publications such as World Oil Magazine, a top magazine in the global petroleum industry.
  • recognition for a Platts Global Energy Award.
  • interviews by several key publications such as the Wall Street Journal within the first year.
  • sales pitch on CNN following the BP oil spill.
  • recognition at the Offshore Technology Conference, the largest in the world with 75,000 attendees, with a Spotlight on Technology.
  • opportunity with global industry leaders such as Saudi Aramco, Chevron and Anadarko.

Leading the industry

After getting their message together and landing top honors with industry publications, MyCelx now reaps the benefits of having a global audience.

PR strategies

  1. Gain access to the world’s petroleum industry leaders.
  2. Measurably grow the MyCelx brand through media relations.

Do you want to be recognized as an industry leader?

We’d love to have a conversation about how we can help achieve similar results in your industry. Please call us, email us, or drop by one of our events–you can find them on the right.

Oil Energy PR Case Study

Write2Market helps firm optimize assets–lands feature major trade journal

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Written for: MyCelx

Featured articles help you tell your potential customers what you thought they’d never ask

“If they only knew!” say CEOs. “If my prospects only KNEW how superior our offering is!”

Featured articles tell them.

The beauty of the featured article is that they help you tell your customers what they do not know to ask. Educate your market about why your product is really better, and then use the content:

  • at tradeshows
  • in trade journals as articles
  • in newsletters

Feature article writers make it easy on you.

Professional feature article writers make it easy on you to get this done. Like we did for MyCelx, we interview your experts, outline, and place the article with the right publication, getting it right–so you can get on with business.

[intlink id=”124″ type=”page”]Let’s talk more[/intlink] about how feature articles like this one can work for you.

If you’re not ready to talk quite yet, be sure to learn more about our oil and gas public relations practice by clicking here.

Download this sample.

Oil and gas writers: four secrets for success

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Writing for the oil and gas industry is different than typical marketing or business writing for the following reasons:

  • It’s a niche industry—big dollars, small number of players.
  • It’s a complex industry—from exploration to production, refineries and downstream, oil and gas industry writers have to have detailed industry knowledge to write convincingly
  • It’s fast-paced—for example, in the last twelve months, volatility in barrel pricing has squeezed many stable relationships, and made many new opportunities. Being able to trace fast-developing trends is something only an established oil and gas writer can do—it takes too much time for outsiders to ramp up

Successful oil and gas writers know the business

For that reason, successful [intlink id=”40″ type=”page”]oil and gas writers[/intlink] like the team at Write2Market—a writing firm relied on by firms as diverse as Mansfield Oil, BioBlend Renewable Resources, and Mycelx oil removal systems—continually build their industry knowledge and use it from client to client. That means no one client has to train a green team.

Oil and gas writers share insider secrets

As we’ve continued to write in the oil and gas industry over time, we’ve developed a few best practices to share with other oil and gas writers.

Oil and gas writing:  Four secrets for success

  • Develop strong relationships. This is true of any business writing endeavor, but in the oil and gas writing niche field, it’s more important than usual to be able to run your ideas by a consultant or an analyst in the industry—before you try your work in the market.
  • Respect confidentiality. In this industry, often a major oil company can be both a customer and a supplier, or an analyst is speaking independently one day, and working for the competition the next. None of this would be possible without the deepest commitment to integrity and confidentiality. No one knows where all the bodies are buried, so smart oil and gas writersknow how to keep their own counsel when doing interviews and gathering research. At Write2Market, we take this a step further by legalizing our relationship with clients with a copywriting release and a nondisclosure agreement.
  • Never stop learning. Once you’ve written in the oil and gas industry for months or years, you may begin to feel you’ve got a handle on it—and probably you do, to a point. The best oil and gas writers are in love with the industry and see it as a constantly evolving organism. Fall in love with it, and never stop learning. This will pay off in fresh approaches to old topics.
  • Write from the reader’s point of viewOil and gas writers have an especially difficult time sorting out the proper point of view for their work in this industry. Because so many firms have target markets in different niches, it can be difficult to have “one target reader.”

Do the research

Even retailers and convenience stores have different profiles based on whether they are independent, run by major oil companies, or owned by corporate conglomerates. A marketing brochure that plays well to an independent c-store owner may be offensive to a major oil executive. Find out which specific reader your client needs you to write to—and go after the angles that appeal to them.

We hope these four secrets for oil and gas writers help you tame the chaos, and we’d welcome your feedback.

[intlink id=”124″ type=”page”]Contact us[/intlink] today to find out how we can help your petrochemical or oil and gas industry firm get more results from business writing.

Oil and gas writing samples

Please also feel free to review our  many samples of writing for oil and gas industry clients below.

Samples from W2M’s Atlanta public relations and copywriting team:

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