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You may have multiple media placements that seem good and boost your team’s morale, but what are they really doing? In order for your investment in media relations to attempt a high level of ROI, you must look a couple of layers deeper than number of placements, alone.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How well do you know the outlet?

    Before pitching an outlet, do your research. It’s easy to start with a quick Alexa search to see how the site ranks as far as web traffic, but even more importantly, check the publication’s “About Us” or Media Kit for insight into who’s reading. If you’re trying to reach healthcare marketers, a byline in a healthcare marketing newsletter that reaches 2,000 hospital decision-makers is more beneficial than a general marketing publication with 10,000 viewers. Think quality over quantity. 

  2. What are you getting out of it?

    Now, I’m talking results. Does the article link back to your company’s website? We strategically pitch publications that will give us a link back to drive readers to our clients’ websites. If nobody is triggered to click and read further, was it even worth it? If you aren’t gaining awareness (and ideally, leads), how valuable is that “win”? While goals may differ, the point is that your PR campaign should accomplish something.

In the video below, Ken Robbins, CEO of direct response digital marketing agency Response Mine Interactive (RMI), discusses what makes the Write2Market methodology unique. Our emphasis on very specific and targeted content, rather than just volume, is different than that of other agencies. That’s not to say that having a steady flow of content isn’t important, but that all placements should be strategic.



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