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Company Naming

New name lifts Levia Software

By April 17, 2011May 22nd, 2019No Comments

“A couple of months after completing the company naming and branding project with Write2Market, we closed one of the largest contracts in our company history–well over six figures. The brand and company name Write2Market developed with us reflects who we are and helps us communicate better than ever with the market, and we’re seeing it in the compliments we get and the positive reaction to our new image.” — Miles Thomason, CEO.

The Challenge

In the hot Atlanta software development market, Rowan Software was challenged to distinguish themselves from dozens of other software development firms.

  • Their company name, which they had selected for its association with Celtic culture, was owned by a previous firm. When potential investors and clients searched online, they often found that defunct gaming firm–not their successful and growing business.
  • The Rowan Software dot-com domain ( was owned by another firm, which while they were no longer doing business, they were also not selling the domain. This was a serious challenge to establishing Rowan’s credibility online.
  • Rowan Software used the rowan leaf as a logo image, and while it was distinctive, it wasn’t getting the reception in the market that the founders hoped for.

The company was growing quickly, hiring new staff, and moving into new offices. The founders felt that the time was right to handle the issue of “brand identity.” Rowan Software hired Atlanta writing and content develop agencyWrite2Market to help develop a company name, a brand, and voice that told their story in a compelling way that elevated them above the competition.

The Goals

  • Establish company name that was memorable and easy to pronounce, like Rowan Software was, but that also lended itself to a dot com name
  • Create a compelling visual identity and tagline
  • Develop a language and a voice that distinguished themselves from young “code shops” and “programmers for hire” prevalent in the Atlanta and international software development market. Rowan enjoyed a distinguished, large-employer client list and a bullet proof software development process, but felt that their image online didn’t communicate how established and expansive their software develop services actually were.

The Solution

Write2Market’s brand package for Rowan Software, developed in conjunction with online marketing firm Bright Tribe, gave the organization a new name and logo, a confident voice online, and a distinct brand that distinguished it from dozens software development organizations in the Atlanta market.

“We started with a creative brief that captured who Rowan was–the company personality and culture,” says Lisa Calhoun, president of Write2Market. “From there, we generated a list of potential company names that echoed the tradition, stability, and quality inherent in the company’s identity.” The Write2Market company name process including linguistic, domain name, and trademark vetting.

“I liked Write2Market’s online voting mechanism,” said Rowan co-founder and COO Jessie Crowe. “It allowed all of us stakeholder to vote on a scale that helped us clearly choose the names that resonated the most with us.”

After selecting a new company name–Levia Software–from over two dozen potential names, Write2Market began working with Bright Tribe on a new logo and Web site. “Bright Tribe nailed the clean, established, corporate look we wanted in our logo,” said Miles Thomason, CEO, Levia Software.

Finally, Write2Market created collateral copy, including a tagline,  sales letters, a call script for the voicemail system, a proposal template, case studies, and web copy that filled in the brand story.

“When we reviewed our content, we reacted strongly–we recognized the voice of the company we want to be. It’s exactly how we wanted to sound and what we wanted to say, but we’re development experts, not marketers, and we’d never heard ’our sound’ before.” says Crowe. “Write2Market and Bright Tribe put it together for us and we’re thrilled with our new corporate presence. With our new offices near downtown Atlanta and our growing staff, this is exactly the communications foundation we needed to move our business to the next level.”

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