Office pups and analytics: my first month at Write2Market

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Me, Emily Simpson, Account Executive for W2M

Me, Emily Simpson, Account Executive for W2M

In my previous role managing the daily happenings of a coffee shop in Jacksonville, Florida, I was given the freedom to do as I please regarding promotions and advertising.When moving to Atlanta I sought a role that would allow me to transition into more formal marketing. Write2Market took a chance on me, and let me just say that adjusting to agency life is not hard when you are walking distance to Krog Street Market, get to hang out with Loki, the office pup, and are able to sit outside in 70-degree weather. Yeah, it is pretty ideal, but trust me, working for a digital marketing agency that also specializes in PR isn’t all puppies and cookies from the Little Tart Bakeshop; it is analytics, content calendars, and media pitches. Here is a snapshot of life at Write2Market: furthering our client’s reach one campaign at a time!

Loki, standard poodle & trusted office pup

Loki, standard poodle & trusted office pup

Marketing is really an experiment in psychology
One thing I have learned in one month at Write2Market is that, believe it or not, email marketing is not dead. It just takes a little time to grasp the quirks of creating campaigns that someone would want to open. An email is judged by it’s subject line and the name it is sent from. If an email screams “mass messaging” a person is inclined to immediately delete it. The secret is personalization! Also keep in mind 60% of people read emails using their cell phone. I’ve learned to keep pertinent information near the top, and that short is sweet! After a few drafts I had an email campaign that was a huge win. It was sent to 4,109 people and boasts an open rate of 51% and click rate of 3.8%!

Analytics, analytics, analytics. It is why we do what we do. Agency life is about asking “how will this add value for my client?” And before working with Write2Market I took that question for granted. On a biweekly basis, I check in with the google analytics and see what is working well and driving traffic to websites. I’ve learned half the battle is getting someone onto the website, and the other half is making sure they stick around! I have never claimed proficiency in website construction, but in the month spent with Write2Market I have been able to peek behind the curtain of multiple web pages and dabble in design. I honestly had no idea how much I would enjoy it.

The emotional roller coaster of pitching
In Jacksonville, I wrote for Void Magazine, a publication focused on the culture of NE Florida, so when I wasn’t documenting the surf report or interviewing local business owners, I spent time receiving pitches. Being at Write2Market has given me the opportunity to be the one pitching. I have been able to promote Health Connect South, a day-long conference for industry leaders, as well as the National Monuments Foundation luncheon hosting influential women from across the globe! Let me tell you, pitching has a way of making someone feel insecure. Having someone show disinterest, though I know it isn’t personal, is never fun. But I have learned that persistence is key, and it is part of the biz: a necessary part, at that. However, when media eagerly responds or a pitch lands, nothing can ruin your week!

Since much of what I do is content creation for our healthcare clients, I have worked closely with them to understand the field. Until recently, I was ignorant of many aspects of the industry. Coming from the world of small business, it is a very different ball game for me. I was initially nervous, but in retrospect I know I was more nervous to fail. I am still learning when to pick roll up banner stands and also the in’s and outs of marketing and PR, am certain that hiccups will occur. But as long as I am constantly asking myself how something will add value for a client, I am on the right track. Write2Market has afforded me a top-notch environment that makes me a better marketer every day.

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