Atlanta’s Write2Market Ranks Among Top 10 Public Relations Agencies for StartUps

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Top 10 Public Relations Agency for StartUps

Hubspot’s AgencyPost scours the agency world for a number of top performing agencies.

Our team is thrilled to be selected among the Top 10 Public Relations Agencies for Startups. Jami Oetting, editor, writes, “This year’s Top Agencies for Startups do more than marketing: They provide guidance on business issues and educate founders on how and why marketing matters. They craft stories and images that are compelling to both journalists and potential customers.”

lisacroppedWhy Public Relations for Startups?

Write2Market’s founder, Lisa Calhoun, comments that, “ Startups express the soul of what’s changing the world Tweet this! in a pure way. They do not have long-term reference clients and multi-levels of management red tape, so you can deliver a message and a market vision in its purest form, and even measure it from a pure baseline.”

Startup Public Relations Case Studies

Hubspot and AgencyPost reviewed a number of Write2Market’s tech public relations engagements for this award, including startups such as CallRail, InfoTycoon, Variable Technologies, FaceDeals, and Visible Health.

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