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European gauge manufacturer sets sites on North American energy market

WIKAGaugeBillion dollar international gauge manufacturer WIKA decided to turn the downstream petroleum industry on its head.  After years of conducting refinery field visits and noticing a growing number of safety and productivity risks from misapplied and failing gauges, the company formed its Full Audit Service Team (FAST).  Comprised of skilled engineers, the FAST team conducts full instrumentation audits to any petrochemical processing plant that requests one — completely free of charge.

WIKARefineryKnowing it had created a valuable service for facilities that lack the necessary expertise to ensure gauge safety and regulatory compliance, WIKA faced a problem: How do you market a service to an industry that largely doesn’t realize it has a problem?  Despite the fact that misapplied and failing gauges contribute to hundreds of millions of dollars in safety and productivity losses annually and can lead to disasters like Deepwater Horizon, mechanical gauges receive practically zero mindshare among refinery operators.

That’s why WIKA turned to Write2Market.  The challenge?  Help build awareness of this ticking time bomb at hundreds of facilities.  Once managers understand the problem, engaging with WIKA’s team of experts for a free comprehensive evaluation becomes a no-brainer.

The Write2Market team immediately went to work on its proven AAA methodology and achieved these results:

E&PWIKAshotAwareness – Coverage of the FAST team in these targeted publications:

Access – Speaking engagements at these industry events:

DownstreamTodayAwards – Recognition with these awards: