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Thanks To Our Friends, We’re Getting Better All The Time

by Paul Snyder, relationship manager

Do you survey your clients and customers in the interest of improvement? We do.

Twice each year the Write2Market team surveys our clients to see how we’re doing and most importantly, where we can improve.

 Ok, we admit it. We brag a little when our clients say wonderful things about us. But of potentially greater value is where and when we see our clients making similar requests for improvement. We take notice. We take stock in ourselves and our resources. We create a course of action and we act on it.

In the past six months we have been walking the walk implementing new systems and practices to better serve our clients since our July 2013 client satisfaction survey. Here are a few examples we are really pleased with.

1.     Our b2b marketing clients beg for more scripted processes.

We have created, trained on, and implemented seven new templates. From webinar strategies, to trade show plans, media and analyst opportunity backgrounders, and media training messages, we are streamlining the process of gaining access and awareness.

Here’s a backgrounder example (1 of 2 pages):

2.     More processes are great; too many teammates aren’t.

Clients want and need to know who their team is, but they also need a clear point of primary contact and accountability. We have increased clarity around who is responsible for our clients’ ROI. That is now the “Relationship Manager” role: a newly defined position emphasizing who is actually in charge of the relationship. We maintain transparency for responsibilities on specific assignments in AAA (more on that shortly).

3.     Highly satisfied clients cherish repeatable progress.

Lists of assignments, priorities, plans and campaign programs can get tediously long and difficult to digest, especially when tracking 90 days to an entire year ahead. It is so easy to cause information overload and lose essential items in a poorly visible format.

We created a new Progress Report feature in AAA, which now brings items recently accomplished and “the road ahead,” into a high-focus screen of the next 30 and next 90 days. Assignments, campaigns and recent accomplishments appear in chronological order with responsible parties, pictures of who’s on what, and important notes. Update meetings now come with a pre-set agenda of what’s hot and what’s ahead:

4.     Clients scaling their reputation need speaking streamlined.

Access to customers, investors and other industry leaders through conferences of all sizes is an essential part of our work. Yet as all of our b2b marketers know, this is changing landscape at best. We’ve invested in helping our clients see their industry even more efficiently, with the world’s first (to our knowledge) industry-specific, and up to date conference database. You can sort it easily, and import conferences you want to speak at INTO YOUR OWN MARKETING PLAN and CAMPAIGN! Even with a click or two, assign someone to write your session pitch, and automatically TRACK and UPDATE the changing deadlines around calls for speakers.

Importing this high-value data to AAA is an increasingly important way for clients to make the most out of their access opportunities: lead generation, media briefings, speaking and thought leadership opportunities–all of it. No matter the industry, tech, energy, healthcare, e-comm, the information is always there at a glance and always up to date.

At Write2Market, our clients inspire us to do a better job, and that’s just what we’re doing. Thank you for helping us get better all the time!