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Global Supply Chain Consultancy Grows Sales Funnel Opportunities with Social Media Content Marketing

Consistent social media execution and purposeful content marketing contribute to growing sales funnel in global supply chain space for Chainalytics

Content marketing: opening the door to new customers

Social Media is a huge priority for supply chain consultancy, Chainalytics. Understanding that LinkedIn is where B2B business is getting done, they know that having the right followers allows for consistent contact with connections even as they move from company to company– a real concern in an industry where 1 in 3 demand planners will turn over in a single year.

As part of their global marketing initiatives, Chainalytics wanted to beef up their presence within their current portfolio of large multi-national accounts while also attracting net-new. That is why social media became an important part of their partnership with Write2Market.  Jaime Reints, Senior Manager, Global Marketing for Chainalytics had this to say about her company’s marketing goals, “LinkedIn is such a powerful tool for any B2B company. I knew that focusing our efforts on growing our presence there, fully leveraging its capabilities, and increasing our network’s reach would be incredibly beneficial to not only maintain our valued client relationships but also make new connections. Write2Market helped us to establish a content drumbeat to accomplish our goal”

Connect stories to sales with content marketing

Write2Market’s social practice worked with Chainalytics to develop a solid, repeatable process to take their LinkedIn presence up to the next level.

With the brightest minds in supply chain, they had the know-how to produce great content. Through conducting interviews with the thought leaders at Chainalytics, Write2Market’s content marketing professionals can shine the light on innovative work and insights that set Chainalytics apart in a competitive global market.

With a repeatable plan for content strategy working, the next step was the implementation of a company-wide social share. Each week, every employee of Chainalytics receives an email highlighting social wins from weeks prior as well as the content to focus on for the week. By including direct links to the week’s LinkedIn posts as well as Click-to-Tweets, they are able to point their team toward social shares that will make an impact. The consistency of content development along with social shares has made a tremendous impact on the social presence and increased web traffic Chainalytics now enjoys. “Chainalytics has become a shining example of what a solid process can do when it comes to increasing website traffic and boosting social presence. The weekly social push has made a tremendous difference in the success of the content marketing / social media program,” says Emily McDougald of Write2Market, who supports Chainalytics’ social media program.

Chainalytics’ social media content marketing results

Within the first year of engaging Write2Market, Chainalytics has more than doubled their LinkedIn following, surpassing 6000 followers.  In fact, compared to the previous year, they increased their social reach over 72%!

Additionally, due to the engagement from both LinkedIn and Twitter, Chainalytics also reaped organic search ranking lift, increasing overall website traffic in the initial year by 65% and specifically website traffic from social media increased 340% during the same period.

“As a global company, Chainalytics could have chosen content marketing support from anywhere in the world to help share their story, I am proud to be part of the Atlanta team that supports them,” says Write2Market Retail Practice Lead Joé Lloyd. “With great clients and outstanding stories, they are a tremendous partner. I am proud to call them a client.”