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Today’s Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media PR and Modern Public Relations

1) Do follow reporters, journalists, analysts and influencers on Twitter

2) Do comment on their work positively

3) Do sometimes add to the conversation by suggesting ways your company can support their coverage. The best ways are RESEARCH and CASE STUDIES.

4) Do have a blog on your area of “worldclass expertise” that helps people who need you understand why you’re the expert they want to work with.

5) Do tweet and Facebook and LinkedIn your blog posts.

6) Do organize a team of people who can tweet and blog–if you have four people, all they have to do is one tweet and one blog post a month for your company to have weekly updates!

7) Do track your audience–try a tool called Spectate that will give you visibility into each social medium in ONE DASHBOARD so you can see who is clicking on your tweets, who is going to your Facebook page (often by company name). You can download this at

6) Don’t put off doing this because it seems like too much.

7) Don’t get overwhelmed–it’s just like networking, you do just what you can.

8) Don’t say anything you don’t want your competitor reading.

9) Don’t opine–speak from your core of experience, and cite relevant experiences, facts, and research to support your position.

10) Don’t worry about getting it perfect–these are informal media. Typos and the like are acceptable and even considered “authentic.”

Want more? Check out our 40-page slide deck on how to create your own publicity program using PR and social media here: