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2012 Energy PR Tips & Trends

By December 20, 2011July 12th, 2019No Comments

Inside Perspective on Energy and Oil & Gas Public Relations

Part 2 of 10

I hope you enjoyed our last energy and oil and gas PR tip–watching out for Clean Air Act impact by crafting a message strategy that protects and promotes your environmental investments.

For the second of the Top 10 Energy PR Tips and Trends in our series, we turn to shale oil.

US Oil Boom Demands Expert Media Messages

It takes millions to drill a shale oil well and begin to frack it–and only a few weeks in production to make that money back, if managed properly. The growing, hungry world runs primarily on fossil fuel and has a big appetite for diesel, the most “bang for the buck” of common fuel sources. 2011 was first time since 1949 that the US was a net exporter diesel and refined petroleum products–and with Bakken, Eagle Ford, and Marcellus shale sources coming on line as fast as possible in market driven by historically high barrel prices, the rush to capitalize on tight oil will drive many a major investment. Expect the competing issues over water management, environmental damage, taxation and new exploration technology to maintain a fever pitch in national news as well as engineering and trade commentary. If you think America watched Middle East crisis in Iraq and Iran the last few decades with interest, imagine their involvement in oil when it’s produced onshore, in their backyards.

ENERGY PR Take-Away: Fortunes will ride on properly managing the message for investors, technologists, engineers and the public this coming year.

New environmental and production technologies will need expert message support to break through the clutter and get the attention they deserve. Write2Market can help.

Thanks for reading about our thoughts on Energy Public Relations in 2012 and what you need to do to make the news work FOR you and your investors, not against you. Learning something useful? Let us know @write2market.
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