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Ten Energy PR Tips & Trends for 2012

By December 20, 2011March 11th, 2013No Comments

The Inside Story on Energy and Oil & Gas Public Relations (PR)

The holiday season slows things down just enough to share some of the inside perspective at Write2Market on the year ahead in energy public relations.

Write2Market has deep roots in upstream and downstream energy public relations and investor relations, and I’m looking forward to sharing a few thoughts with you here about how to create the reputation you deserve in the coming volatile news environment.

The 2012 Energy and PR News Opportunities

This year will be different–with more fortunes made and more than a few broken than previous years. More than ever–energy public relations will be a driving force in creating profits and protecting assets.

Why? A confluence of powerful regulatory, exploratory, and financial markets will drive a media environment around energy that will make the BP oil spill look like a commercial break.

Consider these issues and how they effect your energy company:

1. The 2011 Clean Air Act has teeth–for example, just this month in Louisiana, Pelican Oil was sentenced to pay $12 M in violations for not properly implementing environmental protections at its Lake Charles refinery. The Clean Air Act, just effective this last year, is gaining steam as the EPA learns how to enforce and penalize.

ENERGY PR Take-Away: Properly communicating your environmental commitment is worth millions. Write2Market knows this landscape–let’s discuss how we can help.

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